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The Power of Gift Giving

As we wrap up another gifting holiday (Valentine’s Day) we are thinking deep about the power of gift giving. First, let me introduce myself. I am Ashley Thornton. Founder and owner of Gracefully Gifting, a small business located in Lawrence, KS. We are passionate about gift giving for all occasions. We help corporations with their gifting knowing that employee, client/customer gifting is important and can go a long way in a relationship. We understand how gift giving takes time and thought, we created our business to help people remember to be thoughtful and give gifts. We also serve individuals that need The saying, it is better to give than receive couldn’t be truer in my heart. There is true power that comes from being on the giving end of gift giving.

Gifts celebrate a spirit of generosity. The very nature of giving a gift requires thinking of other people before ourselves and taking the time to select something we know the other person will enjoy.

Thoughtful gifting forces a shift from merely talking about the things we hold to be important to actually showing it through acts of generosity. We wanted to provide a few ways that highlight the power of gift giving.

1. They are a way to show love and or appreciation and generally win over the heart of someone. This aids in strengthen a relationship

2. Gifts reflect the personality of the giver. It shows their thoughts about you, their generosity towards you and their capacity to love.

3. They are a key way to honor and value someone, by giving a gift we show how special they are and how much we love them. Especially if we give a gift that is for no reason at all.

4. Gifts are never owed, earned or deserved. They are simply given by the giver.

5. Gifts should meet the needs of the recipient. We are blessed by receiving a gift, especially when it meets a need we have. I think about my eight-year-old son that asked for new shoes for his Birthday. Sweet ask, kid. You need some.

6. Gifts demand a response from the recipient. Just be careful to not get trapped and give something expecting something else in return whether it be a favor, another physical gift or what have you. Give with no strings attached!

7. There are health benefits to giving (giving in a serving capacity or physical gifts)

• Happiness – Improved mental state

• Reduce Stress

• Promotes Gratitude

• Giving is contagious

This lovely blog was courtesy of :

Ashley Thornton , founder/owner of Gracefully Gifting

Visit her on Facebook and Instagram!

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